Whether we realize it or not ,human evolution is still continuing and will continue forever .Today we are living on earth and I am sure that the way technical  evolution is happening around us,it will surely be the reason for the next advancement in the evolution of human beings.



Human evolution is about the human origin. Human evolved around 200,000 years ago. The term human is from the genus Homo. It was the time when human evolution, the process by which development of human being took place on the Earth. The slow process of change from simple to complex is known as evolution or the process by which different kind of living organism are believed to have developed from earlier forms during the history of earth.

Once the human being evolved from simple to complex,he started doing things cognitively, in this way the very first innovation of human being was use of stone and bones for fire and making hunting weapons. After this, human being started living as tribes in forest and started following certain rules. Very likely, human beings first evolved in Africa and spread to the whole world from there.

Once the tribal structure evolved, the human being started exploring the Earth and found existence of other tribes.After this, the next step was to make common language for communication with each other across tribes and he became successful in doing so.

 After this human being developed writing gadgets and started communicating with their own tribal languages by sending messages to each other with the help of bird like pigeon.

Complexity begins.

After this human being thought why not to develop such a gadget with the help of which we can communicate with each other across the tribes sitting in our room. In this way he developed ‘the mother of complex world’ which is telephone. After the invention of telephone, we developed computer, internet, World Wide Web, smart phones, robots and chips. Now we are trying to make all these gadgets biologically compatible and if we become successful in doing so it will be a revolutionary moment.

Now-a-days we are trying to explore the following questions:

  1. Do we have future beyond this planet?

Human being is exploiting Earth since beginning. With the growth of technological gadgets we have started exploring beyond the Earth; We are trying to find life on other planets. But the big question is ; Do we have future there?

  1. Will it be possible for us to find probability of extraterrestrial life?

Eminent scientists are searching probability of extraterrestrial life. For this our one very important innovation can set a new benchmark in the evolution of human beings and that innovation is Robots.

  1. Are we two in one; we and our consciousness?

Most of eminent scientists are working on quantum physics to understand our consciousness in order to tune our self with the frequency of universe.

  1. Will we be able to find some other lookalike species?

Universe is infinite and it has all the possibilities that whatever we imagine it exists somewhere in the universe. There is a possibility that we can meet some lookalike specie of human being. There may be a chance that similar specie is living on some other planet.

  1. Will we shift from the Earth to some other planet?

The speed with which we are exploiting the natural resources on Earth,and searching for life on other planets there are chances that we may shift to other planet and life may pose different challenges of uncanny creatures to human being there.

  1. Will earth be like museum for future generations?

As we are getting technical and complex,May be we become successful in imbibing emotions into robots and generate a new being called as “Robot Being”.Though it is an imagination but as we are growing with the growing technology and trying to make technology bio-compatible,it may happen.


Imagine if Robot being replaces us; what will be our life style?May be he can hack everything from us or we may  dominate him by having his remote control with us.

If he hacks everything from us: In this case we’ll  be slave to him and fighting for our destiny with the monster developed by us.If he adapts emotions smartly,it may be tough for us to conquer him.

If Robot Being dominates us then it would be victory of machine over men,whereas we are developing machines to have comfort in our life and  dominate them.Perhaps that would be known as absolute technical era.What if the absolute technical era dominates us,what will be the consequences.

Negative Consequences:

  • Emotions will get extinct and Applications will take the place of emotions.
  • Instead of sharing talks and face to face conversation;we will be sharing server spaces.
  • We will be managing data traffic instead of road traffic.
  • For covering distances teleportation will be the means instead of airplanes.
  • Water will be replaced by coolants.

Positive Consequences:

  • Accuracy,effectiveness and efficiency of work will increase.
  • We will be able to do whatever we want to do.
  • Imagination will develop wings.
  • We may conquer other planets present in our and other galaxies.

But in all this we have never thought what about:

  • What about Earth (Our beautiful mother)?
  • What about other living creatures and their species?
  • What about Universe’ equilibrium?
  • What about natural development of life?
  • What about our galaxy?



Though Robot being is still an imagination but it may turn into reality soon.

 So,         “Own your machines; Don’t let your machines own you.”

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