Whether we realize it or not,Failing is a continuous process.Have you ever failed in your life ? If no , check your execution style; it may have some weak link which you do not know.Because if you have not failed ever, that means you have not tried anything new yet.

You must understand failure is not final result,it is mismatch of our hallucination with what we are watching.We keep on imagining the sets of permutations and combinations all the time if our hallucination matches these permutations and combinations, we call our-self successful.

If they do not match we call that situation “failure”.In point of fact; why we fail? the real answer is we want to do what others are doing.Whereas,real success is when we find out the objective of our life.

Hence Break your shell and find out “What is the objective of  your life?”Finding out objective of your life may be a tough task but it is not impossible.


Let’s figure out what works !

  • Close your eyes for a while and imagine if you have no social pressure of earning and status what would you like to do the most?
  • What makes you happy when you take a break?
  • What your subconscious mind tells you to do when you have enough load of work on you?
  • Ask your self how do you feel happy?
  • Which type of growth you want a) Natural b) Instant.

People across the globe make plans for everything like:

  1. For week
  2. For year
  3. For their finances
  4. For career

Unfortunately people do not draft plan for their happiness,success and their liking’s etc.They usually keep on chasing goals to earn society’s wow.Wherever life is feeling, earning and rejoicing of happiness.We can do this by following:

  • Say Nice things about others.
  • Rejoice every thing.
  • Join people for good cause.
  • Think good for others.
  • Think different.
  • Stay alive.
  • Narrate your success to others.

If you will make plan day,week and year wise,for your happiness,success and liking,failure will not be able to effect you,rather,it’ll just be a learning experience for you.Happiness is bliss,ecstasy;enjoy and celebrate it.

Let us have direct conversation on; How do you plan your happiness?

I shall welcome and appreciate your comments.You can write your comments in the box 👇










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