I am waiting for it,I have joined body to attain this.I want to dance like peacock.I want you to bring it for me.Why are you looking around,I am talking to you.I am your soul.Feeling flabbergasted!Hey ! But this is reality.Our soul searches only happiness.

Do you bring it to her,if not yet,make it a habit to bring happiness to her. Now the biggest challenges is; how to be happy? Everyone is searching happiness across the globe.

How to be happy ?

  • Serve the humanity.
  • Feel happy when you have work.
  • Feel happy when you are relaxed.
  • Serve all living creatures.
  • Serve food to hungry.
  • Love Flora and Fauna.
  • Dance whenever you feel happy.
  • Try to spread happiness.
  • Feel happy in the happiness of others.
  • Love Dawn and Dusk.
  • Remember your soul wants it.
  • Drop yourself to happiness.
  • Take shower of happiness everyday.

Universe is showering happiness on everyone equally.Happiness is your right,enjoy it.

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