I am not your kitty,you can not get me.If you can get me then you can not hold me,preserve me and if you can do so then you can not feel balanced at all.That is my open challenge to you.Let me assure you if you try chase me then I’ll make you old at the earliest and will welcome you in the club of diseases.

I am sure you are yelling on me for “Where is the inspiration in it?”You are annoyed at me and I am very much sure about it.

Imagine when only thought of this type can make you annoyed what about the reality when you will chase that thing which can make you old and diseased.I ask you would you like to chase that thing which is mother of age and disease? I am sure no.

Recall your childhood,wasn’t it free from all the stuff like worry,stress and chasing etc.If so weren’t you happy at that point of time.You were worry-less,stress-less and of course happy.You’d be thinking what that thing is which can make you old and diseased at a fast rate.

Let me tell you what that thing is; You ,me and everyone in the world is chasing only one thing and that is money.It has different names in different countries.I am sure you can not deny this fact.

I’ll suggest instead of chasing money,attract it.

Chasing is when you get attracted towards anything and attracting is when someone chases you.

Principles to Attract Money:

  • Feel free if you have it or not.
  • Develop rich life style attitude.
  • Don’t worry if you lose it.
  • Don’t excite if you earn it.
  • Carry yourself with respect.
  • Think richness in your subconscious mind.
  • Love everyone around you.
  • Enjoy everyone’s success.

Attract it and enjoy it.

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