Are you living your life without any pressure?Ask yourself right now.May be you are feeling bit surprised. This is a fact almost every one of us is living with a big monster to be called as “SOCIAL PRESSURE”. I am sure you’d be surprised while relating it with inspiration.Let me tell you this monster plays a big role in our inspirational levels.

Before taking a roller Coaster ride on this thought let me explain it to you, What is social pressure?

“Social pressure is direct pressure from the society,peers and it encourages us to follow the society and our peers in their way to earn majority and wow .”

Most of us forget our real objective of life and start impressing the society and peers by following their way like; if someone has girl friend or boy friend why don’t I do have,if someone use to have drinks in the party then why don’t I do,If someone has luxury car,apartment and dress then why don’t I do have. This way we silently become a slave to the big monster and to fulfill those bad desires unknowingly we start compromising our values,our leadership instinct and lose our-self in the crowd and become common person in an uncommon way.

Art of Handling Social pressure:

Remember;I am not recommending that we should not honor our society and peers,we ought to; but we must honor our-self too.

  • Listen,observe and react smartly for every situation created by society and peers.
  • Have guts to say “NO” straightway for the situation which you do not like remember this NO will generate leadership quality in you.
  • Instead of feeling complexes try to increase your intellect level so that people can understand your view-point.
  • Clap along if you feel you are right and feel happy.
  • Follow your brain instead of heart.
  • Try to tell your peers the benefits of following their brain.

Hence avoid social pressures and live happily.


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