Franco was a young chap, son of a rich businessman used to enjoy with his friends all the time like going to parties and boozing around every time. He had his own group of friends, those who have almost the same life style as of Franco. He was a chap who always swollen with pride that he is a son of big businessman. He was enormously extravagant, he always use to tell his friend enjoy your life up to extreme because every day is LDOL (last day of life).In view of which, he wants to enjoy everything in his life which is available around him on this Earth and communicate the same to his friends live every moment of your life, because you don’t know it may be LDOL (last day of your life).

IMG_20160831_130725His father Joe being a big business man never gets time to pay attention towards his son Franco;he always tries to give every comfort and luxury to his son and believes this is the best way to show his love and affection for his son. Joe has defined one rule for his family that they will dine together on last Saturday of every month so that they can interact and understand each other emotionally, professionally on the ground of life. Joe always waited excitedly for the last Saturday of the month, because that used to be a day of and with family. They used to share gifts, affection and warmth with each other.

Joe always used to tell his employees work brilliantly, because everyday is the FDOL (First day of life).Joe was unaware of the fact that his son is living the life with the philosophy just opposite to him, because Joe believes in the FDOL and Franco in LDOL philosophy. It was last Saturday of the month and as usual Joe and his wife were waiting for Franco on the dining table for having dinner together. Franco comes, kiss and tell his parents, sorry, I’ll not be able to join you for dinner because I’ve plan to go out with my friends for fun. His father gets disheartened but says nothing. His mother was observing all this and she gets up from the chair and asks her son Franco to change his plan of going out with his friends, because your father waits for this day for whole month. Franco says, “Sorry, Mom, I can’t because it is LDOL.”

Mother asks surprisingly! LDOL, what do you mean? Franco, answers LDOL means Last Day of Life. She gets worried and asked him, “Is everything okay with you? Franco answers with smile, do not worry Mom, this is my philosophy of living the life. Joe was hearing all this but he didn’t react. He sends sms to his son, Franco, That my son your philosophy may be right but my son if you want to do something different and stunning then try FDOL someday. Franco did not read that sms.

Franco says Good Bye mom, Dad! His friends were waiting for him and they’ve moved out for having fun and all. They have planned to go for some adventurous fun and this way they’ve moved towards the dense rainforest which was full of beautiful wild life and impact of past human life. As usual it was attractive and full of variations. Franco was so attracted towards its charisma that he started deep inside it. While watching all this he has realized he had left behind all his friends and he is all alone in this wild world, But knowingly he overlooked it and started admiring the wild beauty again. Suddenly, he observed sun is almost about to set, no  sound of his friends is poignant his ears. He was scared and was feeling it is really last day of his life. Franco was trying hard to address the challenge but was not able to overcome the situation. He was feeling hungry but helpless as he was having nothing with him to eat. To pass the time he started scrolling his sms in his inbox and read the sms of his father.

He gets optimistic after reading that sms and start working smart to come out of the situation. He moves forward to find the way but noting turns up,he feels tired and sit under the canopy of a tree and takes a deep nap. After a short interval he wakes up with the roaring sound of wild animals and what he saw was horrible.He was surrounded by carnivorous creatures. Franco got stunned and felt today is the real last day of his life. Suddenly he was enthralled by voice of his father,  “Wana do something different and stunning try FDOL philosophy of life. He configure himself once again and start running with determination that today he’ll make this day as First Day of Life instead of last day. While running he saw a gleaming beam of light from far away. He immediately switch on the torch of his mobile phone and swing it to and fro. That gleaming beam of light was the crew of documentary maker on wild life. They save his life. Franco shouts excitedly that “Here comes the life!

14242248_1644891285823771_6829359630641609318_oWhen Franco reaches home it was again the last Saturday of the Month and he shares his experience with his parents and  especially thanks his father for inspirational text.

Franco tells his parents that he has learnt one lesson from it that While working we should work as it is First Day Of Life and while enjoying we should enjoy as it is Last Day of life.

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