Oops ! check it,something is there beneath your DSC_0085feet. No,Check it once again. still not able to see,let me help you to see who is there?Do not allow it to go,grab it right now,

Do not worry, you are not the only person who can not see what is there beneath his feet,almost every individual has the same problem.We all keep on chasing others always,we live the life of others,our neighbor and sometime our friends.Okay just ask yourself,do you live your life? What is the answer of your inner voice.If answer of your inner voice is “YES” then keep going,you are on the right track,if answer is “NO” pause for a while and see what is beneath your feet.

Pause is important act in our life,otherwise we’ll keep on flowing with flow of noise,voice and thoughts irrespective of accuracy of the direction.

Let me tell you that we all do only one task 24/7 and that is task of measuring the success of others. Isn’t it short and snappy.We keep on calculating what others are doing,how they are succeeding? Why we are not going with the same pace on the road of success.This act of ours force us to live like others not like us.We always keep on digging what is beneath others’ feet and by this we skip to see what is beneath our feet?

Beneath your feet lies the ocean of opportunities,stop treating them like aliens.Your opportunity is the best one whatever it is,embrace it,hug it and nurture it.Once if it will grow,it will be more attractive than any others’ success.

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