What is your talisman? Do you believe in it ?

We usually live our life in two ways; either in the flow or pressure of society .Here flow of society means we swivel our actions as per pattern of society. We draft our action plan in a way that people should say, Wow! And that simple wow gives our brain a tint of confidence. Majority of people conclude themselves successful if they achieve this wow. This thought may look bit wacky but this is truth we are not born to earn wow only.

Some people swivel their action plan in the pressure of the society means they are afraid of society’s rejection and they never dare to change their action plan. In other words they do not want to do things in a different way. Are we here to work under pressure of society, just ask yourself?

If we’ve to work as per flow or pressure of society then who needs talisman and what is talisman?

Have you ever tried to do something beyond paradigm if your answer is no then you are missing innovation in your life. The person who thinks,plans and works beyond paradigm wants Talisman.

 What is “TALISMAN”? May be you are thinking about this,let me explain it to you. Any tangible and intangible thing or object which has magical powers.

The real Talisman is within you, who can view and execute beyond paradigm.Adopt it and get it.


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