Who will decide how much lucky you are? Your partner,your kids or you. Have you seen and conversed with your luck ever?Almost everyone is singing one song in one line “Would that I be lucky  enough.” Almost all of us spend our life talking about luck.Have you appreciated your luck ever?IMG_20170514_001655

I’ve seen people usually impose their mistakes on their luck and it is so humble entity that doesn’t respond negatively rather absorb negative thought of people.

You’re the luckiest person in this world.Are you ready to believe this truth? What ! No !

You Do not believe this then just jot down good things which have happened in your life and try to recall who has contributed more;you or your luck.I’m sure your luck will be the winner in terms of contribution.

Consequently you would be thinking if it is so then why things have not happened your way in your life.Let me reveal one secret of luck to you.”Luck works when your want is strong,Luck definitely works when your need is strong.” That indicates when things have not happened your way at that point of time,either your want or your need was weak and that is the black hole of destiny.img_20160727_145335

If you do not want or need anything strongly,luck does not work.Whatever is visible it is all your luck.Let me tell you,we all watch,look,observe and talk to our luck everyday and every-moment.Whatever is visible to us is not our image rather it is our luck.

We are wandering in this world because we are very lucky.Hence from now on wards start wanting  things strongly,you’ll see change in your life.

Enjoy life ,Enjoy luck.

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