Do we really speak truth wherever we expect others to be truthful to us? We all are so hypocritical that we do not even speak the truth to our self. There is a growing skepticism in the world what is right and what is wrong. Skepticism about what we are being told is right or what we are thinking is right. This cynicism in our generation is giving birth to mental turbulence. Yes of course turbulence effects everyone not only machines but also human beings. As different aspects of weather causes different types of turbulence in machines, similarly different types of disposition sway causes turbulence in human brain.

In machines, when turbulence occurs the ways to control it or precautions available for it are condition the weather around machines”. But what if it occurs in your brain the best way to control it to relax your Neurons or forced them to make emergency relaxing.

Usually majority of people fail to understand the turbulence caused by the doldrums dangle and start behaving haphazardly, which gives birth to failure. The best ways to control it take deep breath and relax. It’ll pass automatically.

Life is to live freely with straightforwardness and the flow of time irrespective of situations and dispositions.

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