Every-morning,everyday;Universe spreads its arms and embrace us,gives us new day,new life and new moments to share with.Most of the time I get a good feelings that we are born everyday to enjoy. Universal rhythm helps us in creation.Most of us are afraid of from our future whereas some of us keep our-self cling to our past.This act of ours keep away our exuberance to enjoy life.

Do you remember your acts during your childhood?Do you remember the freedom you’ve enjoyed?Do you remember your liveliness? Excitement was there with you all the time during your childhood.Therefore,you must agree that everyone should have deep understanding of what exactly exuberance is,and of the laws governing its attraction.Yet,the sad fact is that not one person in hundred does.

Exuberance and freedom are the two most important parameters to live our life king style.Our exuberance and freedom vanishes where fear comes into the picture.Fear fend off exuberance and freedom.

We are born to be free and live our life in our way socially with exuberance.Recall when you  felt butterflies in your belly,when you felt happiness where you and your soul both were happy.If this moment comes  everyday in your life then feel blessed and understand you’re living in synchronization with universe.

You know why majority of people live in stress because they’re competing for ownership;they want to posses everything around them in this world and this snatches away their freedom and excitement.

“Freedom is in gratification not in ownership”-Rajesh Walecha

Exuberance comes with freedom;live free and live with excitement always.My question to you is are you here to collect gravels,stones,walls of bricks and concrete and paper.I am sure your answer will be “NO”.If it is so then go enjoy and spread your arms for universe and say,” Universe,I love you.”

Say it again and again  and say it loudly “Universe I love you for all your blessings” 

This is your life,your moment and your universe, enjoy and live freely with exuberance.

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