Absolutely sure about it that this title will force you to ponder upon,What is my objective to publish this title “A man with and without “I”?Believe me this will change your perception towards your life.image001

Life is actually a game of energy,we all living and non living creatures are driven by energy.Yes! This is a real fact;whatever is visible to us, is the binding of energy in specific shape.For example if we look upon a human being his energy binding is in such a way that he looks like a human being.On the other side if we look on a stone then its binding is in such a way that it looks like a stone.If energy scatters than shape of stone and human scatters.This is energy which binds us in our respective shape.

Consequently, the point  arises what is the role of energy in “I”? We all are one because our source of energy is also one.

Now let me take you to the core of the thought “A man with and without “I”

Case A : “A MAN WITH  “I” :— When we land on Earth ,Very first thing which happens with us is we get entrapped in the network of illusion,which forces us to understand that we are separate entity,actually which is not.In this illusion we start using the alphabet “I” and the result of which puts us in separate court in the game of life.In view of which two teams comes into action,one is the team of universe(obviously infinite energy) and on the other end the team of “I”(Obviously the  finite energy).When finite energy will compete with infinite;of-course sure the finite energy will lose the game.

Case B : A MAN WITHOUT “I” :— Now to understand this; one has to be great out of “Good and Great”.Whatever goal you focus in your life before executing the action always recall infinite energy and ask for help from the infinite energy for achieving your goal by saying these words “Together we can;alone I can’t”.You will see things will start happening your way.

“Together we can;alone I can’t”-Rajesh Walecha

“I” can not lead you anywhere in this universe.Always work,think and focus in synchronization.There are infinite examples of togetherness and there is not a single example of “I”.

  • Together we’ve reached the level of technology.
  • Together we’ve conquered the natural challenges.
  • Together we’ve seen and controlled changes.
  • Together we’ve reached space.
  • Together we’re searching another Earth.

Hence,Work with togetherness with the infinite energy because “I” stands only for illusion.

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