We start our day with the sound of Rooster.Every individual is struggling hard to prove and earn his identity.We all are worried about our identity.What if we can not earn it in this life,Will it be end of our identity or we get some other chance to prove it?Who can help us to earn it?

Every individual whomsoever it is,if he is going through the phase of stress,depression,frustration and hypertension is all just because of lack of identity in his life.He feels that he is unable to earn identity.The big question arises what is identity?

Identity may be defined as where you know yourself and you need not to introduce yourself to people at large,they know you well in advance on good note.

Identity can be earned through following :

  • By contributing something good to and for society.
  • By earning huge money.
  • By doing or proving something different from others.
  • When you follow yourself.
  • Identify yourself perfectly and let others know this.

When you meet some public figure What criteria do you adopt to identify him?I’m sure you identify him on the basis of may be his fame, he has huge money,his contribution to the society and may be he would have done something different.

I’ve seen people usually lose their hope if they’re not able to earn their identity.There exists big loop-hole, actually people feel to have earned their identity when others identify them,unfortunately they don’t believe on themselves for their identity.This creates a big mess in one’s life.

There is a universal law what we think that gets transpired in our personality.

Now the point is; whether we’re twisting our identity or we’ve been destined with it.Identity is synchronized with our thought process,I mean to say if you think you’re a king;you are and If you think you are not a king;then you are not.

It is you who has to create,craft,design and shape your destiny.

Yes! You


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