Love is the most powerful emotion which can conquer every problem in this world.I’m not talking about love which is full of lust,here I’m talking of the word love which is full of sacrifice,sincerity and dedication.

Today majority of us across the globe feel stressed,discontented and frustrated because of lack of love in our life.Love brings us in the stage of equality but unfortunately we’re still living in the age of inequality though we’re trying hard to beat this inequality since beginning. This inequality is leading us to the difference of opinion and so the war.

Remember we’re being watched every-moment,I’m sure you won’t believe it.We think that we are living in the era of advance technology,but it is not so,we are living in a world, where every moment and every action of our’s is under observation.To make it more substantial;we came on this Earth,we’ve seen infinite number of movable and at a standstill living creatures around us,no doubt these creatures adorn to the beauty of Earth but in other way they watch,observe and record every action of our’s in their memory for every time reference in the journey of our life.This is the reason when we perform good act we get good results and vice versa.

Once upon a time a couple of sparrow was sitting on a Banyan tree in the farmhouse of a Rich man.They were enjoying their leisure.Female sparrow asks her male that Why Rich man always fights with her wife though he has everything of his desire and even her wife also reacts back ferociously despite having every comfort.Male sparrow answers to her female,”They are very poor.” Female sparrow exclaims with surprise,”very poor,how can they be very poor”? They’ve every thing that they want to live their life comfortably and they are very rich..Male sparrow answers, “No,they don’t. They  are not very rich because they lack the real money.”Female sparrow wonders,what! real money.What do you mean by real money? Male sparrow,Yes ! Real money means “Love” .Yes,as we love each other unconditionally and this way we feel whole world belongs to us.Whereas without love everything is scrap which one collects merely for possession.

“Live with radiance,dignity and strength of love.”-Rajesh Walecha


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