Generally people can be seen bashing hard as and when they see,observe and find that somebody is behaving without emotions.People across the globe feel that unprecedented exposure to technology is making them more reactive and less proactive emotionally.It’s disruptive and perhaps may prove traumatic later.   

We are biological robots full of emotions created by “Superpower”.We are called human beings because we have emotions inside.Emotions are conscious know-how exemplified by brain.

We’ve developed mechanical robots which do not have emotions at all;Eminent scientists are trying hard to imbibe emotions into these robots,but unfortunately they’ve not succeeded yet.On the other side these mechanical robots have succeeded to take emotions out of human being.  

Now question arises why I am talking about this and what is the role of emotions in inspiration,before going deep into it,let me tell you about emotions.“Emotions are cognizant experiences exemplified by powerful mental action and they are complex in nature.Emotions are expression of nervous system and our nervous system exude good emotions when it is not hacked by external situations and gadgets.

As emotions are complex in nature and result in physical and psychological changes and this sways our behavior.That means emotions are linked with our behavior propensity. Good emotions lead to better behavior,which ultimately raise our confidence and inspirational level.Till the time we build our relations on the basis of emotions;we feel strength of our relations.   

But with the advent of machines and robots,our emotions have reached at the level of extinction,or almost extinct.Perhaps most of us do not feel strong bonds of emotions between our relations and the one very prominent reason for this is adoption of machines in our life.No doubt machines are helping us up-to great extent but the cost of hiring machines in our life is “Emotions”.There is a need to maintain balance between machines and emotions otherwise one day we’ll be dominated by artificial intelligence and will be biological robots lacking emotions.

To preserve our emotions we have to deal carefully with artificial intelligence. 

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