Universe is working on new ventures every day, every moment and it knows that it has to create a plan and execute. So, it does not look, gather and analyze past, Universe does not make predictions about how much it’ll be able to generate, Right? That process works for conventional or ongoing life driven planning lines, but new technology, which is less predictable, require a different set of planning and control tools. That’s where the void between Universe and life driven planning process comes in. That makes the Life a complex process.

I have designed and developed this classic methodology to abbreviate the gap between universe and technology for making life a simple process. Life is an automatic process and advance version of technology, but we are trying to put add-ons of low version’s technology to this, which causes complexity in life. The goal of early man was to help each other, respect, and accept those new processes and approaches implemented by universe. “One of the better suited high-potential processes was, to live life with gratitude and love, whose determination was to live and let live.” Life-driven planning process,  since then, has become a staple on Earth.’

Classic Methodology is “Life exists in simplicity and comfort exists in complexity.

What Is Life Driven-Planning?

It’s a technique that any person can use for planning the type of life he wants to live. Opportunities advance with life. “Conventional planning operates on the principle that a man can extrapolate future results from a well-understood and predictable planning and learning from past experience.” But new moments are unpredictable from the beginning. The assumptions you make at the onset of new moments aren’t likely to hold up your expectations.

Life-driven planning offers a way to plan your life forward in the face of “what is mysterious, undecided, and not yet palpable in the horizon of complexities” so that we can “learn as much as possible” while living our life.

Ultimately, Life-driven planning is a set of steps.

Step 1. Define Life. Before planning your life decide what kind of life you want in concrete terms. Instead of estimating what life is giving you, plan what you can contribute to life.The key here, have a “clear mindset” for the life. ” Because you’re living your life, you’re not trying it and this mindset will make your life worthwhile for you. Life can’t be measured in financial terms.

Step 2: Be Realistic. The next step is to “figure out how realistic you are towards your life.” This will help you quickly judge the type of life you are living whether you’re being realistic or just living in imaginative world.

Step 3: Define Your Limits. Next, “you have to think very critically about what has to be true” to realize the life you want to live. Lay out all the plans required to have quality of life. How much time do you need to plan your life? How many efforts are you putting in to make your life the way you want to make it? Once you’ve determined these aspects, you will be able to craft your life in your way.

 Step 4: Avoid assumptions. This act creates an essential difference between conventional and Life-driven planning; it’s also “where a lot of people go wrong,” With new ideas, people often don’t see that they are basing decisions on big assumptions — it’s a huge learning for most of us. To avoid falling into this trap, get on to real life-driven planning and list and clear all of the assumptions which may trap you.

“Life is to live for, let us whistle through it.”-Rajesh Walecha


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