Uncertainty is certain in life.None can save us from it.Everyone of us is afraid of it.We work hard to avoid it.Every activity we’re doing is just to avoid,handle and address uncertainty.Uncertainty is invincible especially for realm of our imaginative mind.

What we fear the most,it gets attracted to us the most.Fear in our mind is heaven for a devil.Fear always leads to uncertainty.Can this uncertainty be converted into certainty? and if yes, then next question is, Who can convert?

Who?? It’s you, who can convert uncertainty into certainty.Gravity works on everything starting from feather to our thoughts.Use gravity and desperation to address uncertainty.Of course you’d be thinking about the role of gravity and desperation in addressing uncertainty,you’re right.

Gravity attracts and desperation repels.If you’ll try to attract uncertainty with desperation,it’ll run away from you.The more you’ll try this practice, the more certain you’ll be.

An additional obstruction to an individual’s capacity to uncertainty is the widespread, mistaken belief that uncertainty is an inherent property of the individual-“they either have it or they don’t.”In fact,uncertainty is a dynamic process,not a stable individual characteristic.A ferocious cycle follows,in which our attitude and behaviors elicit exactly those behaviors we expect from an uncertain individual,which in turn reinforces and justifies our verdict and approach towards uncertainty.

It’s human nature to be uncertain irrespective of the conditions,whereas the principle for to live is “Be certain in uncertainty.”

How to be certain in the tsunami of uncertainty?

  • Have fire
  • Have desire
  • Till time you have earth beneath your feet,be certain.
  • Be certain,you’ll learn from uncertainty.
  • Keep Your Good Time continue.

Life looks beautiful with certainty and uncertainty makes you dutiful.Do not choose them rather admire both.


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