Every morning before we start our day,we plan it and think that we’ll be able to utilize our day up to the maximum.There is no doubt that this is the one of the best trick to manage time.But we should ask our self,Do we really manage our day or time? or there is some other force acting on our time or day.

Actually everyday we plan to make things happen in our way.If things happen in our way we feel happy and if things do not happen in our way then we feel bad about it.

Okay !What if things do not happen in our way,we feel bad,sad and sometime we behave as mad.But if things are not happening our way then understand we are walking on GOD’S WAY.God has some beautiful plan for us.

Never Criticize GOD’S WAY because it always has beautiful,peaceful and blissful results.

There is a difference between our way and GOD’S WAY.In our way we want instant result irrespective of the consequences.Whereas In God’s Way result will always be good and so the consequences.

“Desires are our way and Peace is God’s Way.” – Rajesh Walecha

We all should live in the radiance of our God’s Glory.

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