Every thing is fading away starting from drop of water to solid every day,every moment.We the human beings are trying to stop this inevitable and unbeatable flow which causes stress and other hormonal imbalance in  church of soul which is known as body.

To live healthily,happily and blissfully we should live with the flow of life.Whatever is happening around us let it happen,do not try to control it,Because we can not compete with the power of universe.

If we want to change something in this universe ,we can change our inner self.The entire universe exists within us.If we will try to find something out of us,we will be lost,because there exist only infinity.

We are not the universe,we are the part of universe.We have no contribution in any of the universal processes like days,nights are happening on their own.Rivers are flowing naturally,seas are producing tides on their own.When all these giant forces are controlled by universe then how we can count our-self as an autonomous specie.

Then what for we are here in this Universe.

 Sun is for shining.

Clouds are for raining.

Earth is for feeding all living creatures.

We are here to live happily irrespective of the situations.

Majority of people feel afraid of tough situations and try to run away from them.Tough situations are good teachers appointed by universe for us.Never run away from tough situations otherwise you will be the owner of flawed empire.

Imagine happiness even in tough situations  and receive it always.We can always find better than what we imagine.Think,imagine and conceive happiness surely it will take birth in your life.

As everything is fading away with the passage of time,everything means everything starting from living to non living things,but that does not mean that complexities are not erupting.There is no doubt that complexities are also fading away with the power of time but their birth is also a continuous process.

“Never Forget complexities and happiness are twin aspects of life.Live with them with love.”-Rajesh Walecha

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