Fascination is a dynamic system.Mental disposition will attract similar things, what we imagine.Just close your eyes and think whatever has happened in your life it was all your imaginations.Nothing has happened beyond your imaginations.

No theory tells us how to live practically.In the case of living of our life we just adopt the theory of chance.Theory of chance means 50 percent probability of good things and 50 percent of bad things.

Happening of Mad and sad things can be controlled.We can control the way of living  of our life.I am sure you are surprised.I am revealing the secret to you.Keep it with you only.We can do this with the help of fascination.

Whatever we fascinate universe brings it to us.Now some of you may think that if it is so ,then why sad things happen in life.Here is a big loop-hole in this.Whenever we mix our fascination with fear that produce sad and sometimes complex things.

If we practice pure fascination than universe will bring us good or mad things and if we practice fear the universe will bring us bad things.If we practice mix of fascination and fear than universe will bring us complex things.

How to practice fascination?

  • Try to fascinate each and every thing,situation and creation of universe around you.
  • Fascinate things opposite to your imaginations more,because new things comes up in existence with the combination of opposite.
  • Never show desperation for any thing.
  • Do not mix fear in your fascination rather fascinate the power of fear.

“Fascination and fear are two poles of your personality,use them and attract the life of your choice.”-Rajesh Walecha

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