Are you destined for what you are receiving in your life or you are picking the wrong things under the influence of society or Gravity?

Looking back into your life will answer this question,those who feel miserable have plenty of justification and can substantiate that they are not destined.I am sure when we see others’ success graph is rising,we conclude instantaneously that he is destined to have all these.Let me tell there is no one who is so destined as you are,but the problem is we are searching our luck through others’ eyes and that is the biggest loop-hole while counting on our luck.

Before starting the journey with this thought please fasten your seat belt and activate your brain to comprehend the thought.Usually how we make out, that someone is more lucky than us,when we observe that he is having more comfort than us,getting everything easily for which we are so desperate.That is the sole criteria to define others’ destiny in this human world.But he who seems getting things of his desire easily actually working very hard to make it easy.

I am here to tell you that your destiny has much more than the others, whom do you see getting everything with comfort and ease.

If you are facing hurdles during your execution and attaining what you want to attain that means you are not only crafting you destiny besides you are crafting destiny of your generations.

Whereas those who are getting everything easily that means they are not crafting the destiny rather they are spending the destiny earned by their ancestors and leaving the next generation blank with respect to destiny.

In 17th Century Destiny meant to be a Chief Of tribe.

In 18th Century Destiny Means to be a King.

In 19th Century Destiny Means  to be a Man of maximum possession.

In 20th and 21st Century the mind-set of maximum possession still exist to be counted as Man of Destiny.

“Destiny of leaves lies beyond storming winds not beyond silent breeze.”-Rajesh Walecha

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