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Strange but true.Usually we take the word “EXIT” unenthusiastic-ally but it can act as a game changer,if used correctly.As I’ve already shared in my blog that words are invincible and they come back with the exponential powers.Hence be careful while using words.


Life tests our potential almost everyday by presenting various situations to us.If we avoid the situation we lack experience and so the EXIT,but if we enter the situation we experience it before EXIT.

One lesson from life is very clear every act has a cost.Hence think before you act,because once act becomes action then it definitely gives reactions.

Exit is not only a word which tells you the door for going out rather it gives you experience along with it.

We all are about to EXIT 2016,but we are not doing sheer exit rather we are having  different experiences of 2016 along with us.

2017 is ready to embrace us and we too are going to embrace it.We are going to enter and experience 2017 before exit.

What I am going to do in 2017 before exit is

  • Sturdy Determination
  • Big Success
  • Changing myself into different me.

Of-course these three gears will give me different experiences in 2017 before exit.

Hence I ‘ll suggest amass your gears before entering 2017 and have wonderful experiences before you exit 2017.

Have a wonderful entry and prosperous experiences in 2017.





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