Do you practice diligence?

The sun rises,birds start chirping and brooks are flowing with brimming sound for more than million of years.They are doing all this before you and me came to this planet “Earth” and still they are doing and will keep on doing.In other words they can’t ,they won’t and they never will stop this.

There are thousands of examples around us which prove the principle of diligence like an ant can drill the hole with her soft tentacles in a mountain,spider can knit a web with her soft saliva which later becomes harder than steel.Woodcutter can dig the hole in a tree.Water can shape the stones and make his way across the mountains.Birds can fly thousands of kilometers with the help of this principle.

Whatever activity universe starts it finishes it with perfection and it comes through the principle of diligence only.

 “Practice diligence, intelligence will follow you.”-Rajesh Walecha

How to practice diligence?

  • Act.
  • Every action of yours is taking  shape hence continue.
  • Tune yourself with universal soul.
  • Respect and love yourself.
  • Work on the Principle of “No Limit”.

Wake up and act.

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