Are you really free?

Merely saying the word “Freedom” does not make us free.We all are living in the lockup of thoughts.

If you want to live free then leave the thoughts’ tree.

We all are in a grip of thoughts.I am sure this is giving you little bit of uncanny feelings,but this is true.

Thoughts are not actually lockup basically they are flow of universal energy.They become lockup when we cling to them and start flowing with them.

We can feel free  and call our-self a free individual, when we are not affected by our thoughts.

We usually live our life in the shadow of thoughts and even do not try to decode them.

When we wake up in the morning we feel enthusiastic,happy and prosperous,but the moment brain initiates thought process we decide the type of day and life we’ll have ahead.This is what which is happening with every individual in this world.No matter,how rich or poor the person is but he is infected with thoughts’ lockup.

How to free ourselves from the lockup of thoughts.

This is not an easy process to make our-self free from the lockup of thoughts but it is not impossible.

  • The first important step to make yourself free is to whack all the fears,because you are here to live for not to die for.
  • Whenever any negative thought comes to your mind do not cling to it,let it go.
  • Feel you are a king of your individuality hence live like king.
  • Avoid social pressures.
  • Leave the mindset of “What others will say”.
  • Tell yourself everyday that you are a free bird.
  • Learn wisdom.

Break the walls of thoughts and make yourself free and live like king.

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