Life is a bag full of uncertainties for everyone.We have been assigned various gadgets to play the game of life.It is up to us whether we play it with a smile or cry while playing. We’ve been sent here to adorn the podium which has been assigned to us.

Life exists in the form of an organised energy.We can carve our life the way we want if we can channel this energy.Human beings and even eminent scientists are trying to decode this secret.If we will be able to do this then we will not need any vehicle to cover distances.It will be very easy for us to cover the distances by channeling the energy.

Does this thought play any role in an inspiration? It may be your question.For me answer to this question is ‘YES’. For you ‘Of-course Yes’.

Just Imagine,if we’ve got the power to channel our energy the way we want it to be.Our life will be highly technical.It will be very easy for us to cover distances of light years in fraction of seconds.We will be doing teleportation of our energy from one place to another or may be from one planet to another.

Imagine if we will be doing this; then, do you think that attaining success will be a big question! No, not at all.

I am rising so high on this thought.

Let me take you to the core of thought; in a day there comes a moment when we can channel our energy but the challenge is we can not identify that moment.

Let me share a story on this with you.

I have sown some seeds in a pot and was waiting for them to sprout. I’ve observed the pot continuously for two days but nothing turned up.I was bit upset for non sprouting of seeds.After this the day has passed by and I went to bed for rest.In the morning when I wake up and visited my garden,what I’ve observed was surprising, there were green saplings in the pot with dew drops on them and they were looking so big as they were growing from long time.But it was not like that they all have grown during that night only.

I’ve started analyzing the facts for their speedy growth during night and was thinking what was different in the night by which they’ve grown up with such a speed and the result was amazing.

The reason for their speedy growth was channeling of their energy and hence activated themselves from dormant embryo to active saplings in the presence BLUE LIGHT of moon.

Hence strive hard like a seed and convert your dormant energy into active energy to embrace success.

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