Passing through a dense wood which is full of darkness,having scavengers inside and you are feeling hungry,nothing is visible,What will be your plan to address all these challenges?

Will you fight with them?

Will you ignore them?

Will you wait for the dawn?

Will you leave it on your destiny?

Will you make story or become story?

I’m sure you’ve started choosing the best one out of these available options.While choosing the best one out of these available options situations is getting more complex instead of getting resolved.Am I right?

This is what every one of us is doing daily,getting stuck up into the situations and then try to find out the solutions from the available options given to us by others.Have you tried something beyond the available options?

Our brain becomes dependent when he sees options are available,it can not think new and beyond and if you force it to think new,it’ll deceit you and at the end will take you to the same available options again and again.

This is your life you have to define and draft your plans.Available options do not guarantee anything except confusion and diffusion of energy.

I do not give options to my brain,I always direct him to give me solutions and it does.

The first man on The Earth was not having any options,every thought of his was beyond.

Decide like first man.Decide beyond.

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