What if — things emerge in front of you the moment you think and imagine about them.I’m sure  it’ll be just like trinket for everyone and anyone.Initially it seems bit uncanny and impossible.What I have realized it is happening with everyone almost everyday.

I’m sure you’re not ready to believe it,I was also having the same opinion,but one day while I was on the way to my work,during the journey what I’ve apprehended that whatever we can imagine that can turn into reality.My brain said,It is not possible people will not believe it,forget it”.I felt like as my heart,brain and me are fighting,because my heart was voting for me that it is possible.Brain was saying no,it is not possible.

Me and my heart were trying to convince brain that it is possible, Spontaneously one thought  blinked in me and started interrogating brain like okay tell me why you ask us to distract you from negative thoughts when they try to cling you.Brain was speechless for a while and said,Because I’m afraid of them,they can turn real.

Heart advocated that thought of mine and said, “Ha! Mr.Brain here you are,this is what we are trying to persuade you, that whatever you  imagine that can become real some time instantly and some time slowly.”

As we all know brain wants logic for every thing to be agreed upon.Hence My brain  propounded a thought to me and my heart,okay show me some real example.My heart and me got skeptical for a while,but turned confident immediately that it is possible.My heart said to me,”It is your turn to prove it.”.I have accepted the challenge.

I’ve planned to experiment it on a some small thought and being an author started thinking in my subconscious mind that “I am thinking a beautiful Silver color pen in my brain and now it should turn real and come in my hands immediately”.

I’ve decided to deceit my brain because I was aware that the moment I’ll show my desperation for the thing my brain will not attract rather repel it. Hence in my subconscious mind I’ve started thinking that already I’ve so many pens,so what I’ll do with one more pen. In this war of thoughts one complete day has passed and I’ve reached home in the evening and was thinking that my strategy has not worked and same was the opinion of my heart.We were bit afraid that now brain will make fun of us.But I was sure about my thought that it will work hence was telling my heart that still day is not over.

Period in-between my  wife called me for evening tea.I filled up with gratitude as it was leisure time.While we were enjoying our tea,my wife told me that she has surprise for me.I asked her excitedly,Surprise ! but for what.She answered,just for the sake of our happiness.I asked what is the surprise,she has handed over a very beautiful small box wrapped in shiny colored paper.

I asked for permission to open that small box.She permitted and said,yes ! you can open it right now.I have started opening the box in just simple but happy mood,but after opening it what I saw was incredible,the gift inside the box was a branded and beautiful Silver color pen and it was exactly matching my imagination.Firstly, I felt goose bump and then I burst into aloud happiness.

  This way I’ve learned and started believing in convergence of imagination and reality.

 “Imagine reality,reality will imagine you”.-Rajesh Walecha

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