Every one says, “Life is to live for”,but how to live your life where every moment seems to be magical is a big question.

What I understand by looking into the trend and pattern of living that people are existing instead of living.

Are you existing or Living? I know this question will shake your thoughts.I was sitting in front of TV and was eating my lasagna,suddenly a thought blinked in my mind that are we existing for living or living for existing?This thought has shaken me a bit.

Just to know the answer of this thought,I jumped from my chair and stood in front of the mirror and raised this question to myself like this Am I existing for living or living for existing?I met myself sincerely in my mirror and had seen the wise expressions along-with intellectual enthusiasm of a scholar.I felt like as my mirror is saying before getting deep into this thought; differentiate the two terms living and existing.

Existing is something like as you are sitting in a car which is driven by someone else.Whereas Living is like as you are driving the car.

Similarly in our life if life is treating us the way life wants is called existing.If we are carving our life the way we want  is called living.

If Imagination,Wish,Luxury and Leisure achieved↔ Living

If You are chasing Imagination,Wish,Luxury and Leisure ↔ Existing

If you imagine,wish for small luxury and leisure then you’ll be able to turn your existence into life and that will be the magical moment of your life.

♥                                          ♣ ♣ ♣ ♣ ♣ ♣ ♣                                               ♥

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