Use words to create your world.


We utter more than thousand words.Some of these words are positive and some are negative.People usually speak negative words in comparison to positive.Everyday we communicate in two ways either we communicate through dialogue or through monologue.

The point which I am initiating looks bit bizarre but it is true,You will be surprised and agree with me;that 80 percent of our day passes in monologue and 90 percent of thoughts during that monologue are negative.Rest 20 percent of our day passes in dialogue during which we deliver words which are mixed of positive and negative.

We create our life through words only.What we think,deliver and write are words.Every word we deliver act as a bead in the thread of our life.

Every word we deliver creates our image,relation with our friends and others in the society.Whatever words we deliver go into the universe and come back with the exponential impact on us.Words are produced by energy and energy can neither be created nor be destroyed.Similarly,words can neither be created nor be destroyed,their impacts always exists.

Speak some good words everyday and universe will surely reciprocate them to you with exponential powers and will create good and beautiful world for you.

So,be careful;because words are always invincible.


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