In a day how many times your brain takes you to negativity? An honest answer will help you.

I am sure after reading this you will be the happiest and richest person of the world.I am sure you are feeling excited and let me tell you I am excited too while sharing this content with you.

Coming on to the point,I have met so many people,who say,talking positivism looks good,feels good and no doubt attracts too.But the problem which majority of them were facing was: how to adopt positivism?They keep on asking me tell us the way wherein we can adopt positivism and keep our self positive throughout the life.This was really a question from them,but for me it was a topic to be researched.I have requested them to give me sometime to answer this question.

We have started research on it and met lot of people and asked them what they do,when surrounded by negativity? Some of them answered,listen music,go out for change and some said go for movie.We were not satisfied with the responses.The reason for our dissatisfaction was that they were  not removing the #negativity rather were diverting their brain to forget negativity.This is what majority of people do.

We were continuously searching for the permanent solution for the question :How to adopt positivism?I was continuously thinking upon it,suddenly a very positive thought came to my mind.

The thought was “Brain is the source of positivism and negativity too,hence we should work on it.” 

It started giving me Goose bumps because we have got the answer for the question : How to adopt positivism? Let me share it with how we can do it? 

Brain is the source of positivism and negativity too,hence we should work on it.

  1. Condition your brain:It is the habit of the brain to cling with  thoughts and nurture them.Every-morning,we condition our body,but do we condition our brain?I am sure no,because daily schedule and priorities start calling us,they activate our brain in different direction and we forget the negativity for a while.I will suggest you condition your brain everyday by sitting silent at least for ten minutes,while doing so think about yesterday’s thought which has given you negativity,command your brain to remove that thought which is mother of negativity.
  2. Make your Brain Fear less:It is our brain which puts us in fear,it will first generate the negative thought,will cling to it and finally will nurture it by creating different dangerous imaginations by this way will put us in fear and will give us negativity.To encounter this,whenever any negative thought comes to your brain ,command your brain it is usual flow of energy,it happens with everyone,do not capture it,let it go.
  3. Direct your brain that nothing is permanent :We and our brain think that everything is permanent in nature.Wherever you,me and all of us know nothing is permanent not even the negativity,hence it makes no sense to cling to negativity,it is sheer wastage of time and energy both.Direct your brain,enjoy every good thing which is coming in your way during the course of life.
  4. Everyday Schedule some time for something very exciting:Every day give message to your brain in a very exciting way that today we are going to do something special,the moment you will do this it will start spraying positivism.
  5. Avoid negative people and negative thoughts: Finally avoid negativity in any form,may be in the form of friends,thoughts.Simply avoid it.

Finally you are a king;born to live happily,richly; not to ponder negativity.

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