What do you do when Morning comes?

When new-born baby comes in this world,we celebrate and welcome new life with our relatives and friends.We plan events and parties for celebrations.We plan to have good rituals for the new-born baby in view of his successful life. Isn’t it ?

Birth means the emergence of the young from the body of mother or we can say the instance of being born.The glory of new-born is always spectacular.Okay!May be you would be thinking,Why I am talking like this,what role does this have in inspiration? May be you are right,but what I’m going to tell you is really amazing and it may give birth to new you within you.

May I ask you some questions?

What is the role of Morning in your life?

The reason behind Why I am asking this question is,I’ve seen,met and observed, 99 percent people do not welcome this beautiful event in their life.You will be surprised to know this ;majority of people even plan in the evening to avoid this beautiful event by fixing their schedules and priorities etc. They get up so quickly out of their bed for daily activities and get ready so impulsively by propounding some very common answers like I am in hurry,I’ve meeting with my Boss and delegates are coming to my office.etc.

In view of all this, they miss the very beautiful New Born Morning adorned by Mother nature with dew drops along-with background music in the form of chirping of Birds.

 What is your very first act in the Morning?

dsc_0115I’m sure majority of people do not understand the value of this, but let me tell you,your first act in the Morning defines your day,week,month and so the life.Your first act in the morning is just like sitting on the driving seat of life.If you do not sit properly,how you will drive properly?Usually I’ve seen,noticed and observed most of the people say this oh !I’m getting late to my office,work place etc.

Always remember it is not only your first act rather it is a starter of your life.Hence start properly.

Do you celebrate your Morning?

About me,Yes,I do.Everyday I celebrate my morning,I do not know how,but I am doing it since my childhood.First of all when I wake up,I feel very happy deep from within. I used to(and sometimes even today!) dance,exercise and go for morning walk .The act which gives me the real ecstasy is listening chirping of birds.

How will be your Morning if someone says your job is to be happy?

Isn’t it sound strange? The moment when someone will tell you that your job is to be happy irrespective of the circumstances and I’m sure you will do that job sincerely and honestly.My question to you is, can’t you do that job for yourself?Once you’ll do this , your morning will be amazing and so the day,week,month and life.What are you waiting fir,Start your job of to be happy right now.

Mother Nature goes through a very complex process for giving birth to a very elegant,love-able and beautiful  “Morning”.When we enjoy our sleep during night,mother nature goes through millions of challenges to deliver adorable morning to us.

Morning’s birth is not merely a process,it’s in real the birth of life and we should not start it in a haphazard manner.We should start it with infectious smile and happiness.


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