I’m celebrating everyday for free like a billionaire.Are you celebrating yours?Everybody is decorating the world everyday for me, so that I can celebrate my festival with luxury and wit.I’m here to enjoy. Aren’t you doing so?

I’m sure you are surprised the way I’m presenting my celebrations.But believe me guys;life is a carnival,we’ve seen it from above and prayed God to send us on the Earth,so that we can enjoy this carnival too.

We are not here to earn and collect money,stress and precious stones.Universe is making them everyday,every-moment for everyone. We’re here to celebrate the festival of life.

Life is a brook of energy and hence it creates different views,scenes and sounds at different times and does not repeat them until billions of years.Hence every moment is precious and exclusive.

Living your life is primary activity.Earning money is secondary.But unfortunately majority of population inverse the concept of living,they make earning of money primary activity and living secondary.

_20160815_124748This Earth is heaven, full of beautiful  flowers,tree and to make it bright and full of life,Universe has provided us infinite celestial bodies which keep on illuminating the Earth.While I’m writing this,I’m feeling that I should collect all the beautiful moments  and present them to you.

 We should enjoy every micro moments of our life,but you will be surprised that almost no one knows when this festival of life comes,starts and renders pleasure.

The Festival of Life

The festival of life comes everyday with the dawn and call of rooster.Everyday of life is a festival must be celebrated without a compromise.

How to Enjoy This Festival ?

lifeThe very first rule to enjoy the festival of life is to have determination to make every day the best day of your life.

“It’s not money which will make your life meaningful.it’s life which will make your money meaningful”-Rajesh Walecha .

With the start of the day make a plan for how many hours,you’ll remain happy irrespective of the circumstances.

We usually chase priorities,which cause stress and we skip that we’re in festival of our life.Always start your day with something new.pWhen you’ll start your day with something new,it’ll give you an excitement.The new can be anything even planting of a new plant in your kitchen garden.You can plan to gift small surprise to your family and partner.

The very important part of festival of life is, to listen music of your choice everyday.If it is not possible then listen chirping of birds.mThis will relax your brain and give you happiness.Chirping of birds is a natural music and produces wonderful results and takes your brain to alpha level.

_20160918_123740The minor one but plays a major role in celebrations of life ‘s festival.Irrespective of your  busy schedule freeze the time slot to enjoy your tea and juice time with your partner or family.tThis act looks minor but produces spectacular bonding between the relations and so the happiness.

This is your festival,make it beautiful by searching happiness in every act  everyday,every-moment.





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