Relax ! Be comfortable and think you are the King!Remember, your best is coming out of you everyday,every-moment.It is not the tic tac of clock,it’s the tic tac of your life,look at the clock right now,it’s not the time which is passing by,it’s your life. Come on! wake up and start your move because you are still in the game.

Life is a game,keep on playing your move.Right or Wrong are simply perceptions, whack them up.Do not burden your soul with unnecessary thoughts.Never think this way,”Oops!  did it again”,think that, you have taken a step ahead.There is nothing to worry, just live your life.

Okay I know to the uninitiated, these thoughts may look just as bizarre as any thought a person could think of.Nonetheless,they are true.Just go back into time and try to recollect, when you were in the womb,how things were happening,developing and growing around.Were you taking any stress at that point of time? I am sure, absolutely not.It was universe,who was taking care of you in the form of your parents.This act of Universe gives you space to acknowledge and appreciate that universe is acting for you autonomously.

Most of us are usually stuck up between “to do” or “not to do”.There is very thin layer of “move” between the two,but that thin layer produces very thick results.If we initiate the move , of course success embraces us,sometimes in the form of achievement and sometimes in the form of learning.

For me “If I take my move,I always count on success,because sometimes it is  in the form of achievements and sometimes in the form of learning.For me both are the forms of success.I believe in the theory of “Just Move”

Just Move is a very wonderful theory because it gives you confidence at the very first step that you’ve started.

My move,your move doesn’t matter.The move which matters a lot in making our life  is: -“JUST MOVE”

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