Life and notions move parallel to each other and both of them put impact on each other.Surprising thing about them is Life is personal and Notions are social.It means we use others’ notions to drive personal life.

Social Notions and others’ notions here means we accept wisdom of others,Majority of time we develop our notions on society’s experience or others’ experience.We define our-self right or wrong with one tag line ” What others or society will say.” If society approves our act,we conclude our-self right and if society disapproves our act,we conclude our-self wrong.This way we develop the notion of capable or incapable.

These kinds of Notions stop the real you to come out of you.This way majority of people can not show and understand their real part and role,They live the life of others’ notion and pass away.

No doubt one can become good by following society’s notions but if you want to become great develop your notions from your own experiences.Following others’ notion is just like following ready-made track,which is very easy.Following your own notion is just like making your own track for others’ to follow.

Just retrospect the world,you’ll see all great people have done something innovative with their own notions to become great.

Honor your notions.


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