Do you have one for you? Almost everyone has at least one wish for him.
When God had sent Adam and Eve on Earth,He told them that everything of their need is present there on Earth and told them whatever you will need  be available to you as per your need.I am sending you to The Earth which is like heaven where everything is available automatically,you needn’t to do anything.
After telling this God deputed his angels to help Adam and Eve to be there on the Earth.When Adam and Eve landed on Earth along-with God’s Angel they were surprised to see it and said with astonishment,”Wow,what a beautiful place even far better than imagination.”  
Adam and Eve were very happy and were feeling obliged to God for sending them to Earth.They started praising God in presence of his Angels.They have  planned to live on Earth till God permits them to live.
Angels were very happy by listening this.Angels said,”Okay,we are going back,anything else you want to know before we wane.Adam and Eve,No,Nothing.Angel said,let us tell you one very important thing before we wane and that is on this Earth you’re not alone,Seven invisible Goddesses of wish will also live with you.Adam and Eve surprised and said,seven invisible Goddesses of wish. Yes! Said the angel.Who they are,asked Adam and Eve.Angels replied they are:
  1. Wish of Health
  2. Wish of Wealth
  3. Wish of Beauty
  4. Wish of Comfort
  5. Wish of Name
  6. Wish of Fame
  7. Wish of Supreme

Adam and Eve asked surprisingly, “why they’ll live on this Earth and remain invisible?Angels replied,”they’ll live here to fulfill your wishes.Adam and Eve asked,Wishes! what is that? Angels smile for a while by looking on each others’ face.Adam and eve requested them to please elaborate,what is wish?

Angels said , ‘Okay ! Let us tell you one thing,This Earth is full of beautiful and spectacular things.Once you’ll see them you would like to have them.This act of wanting things is called wish.Once you’ll have wish,that’ll be fulfilled by Goddess of wish but remember  your wish should be genuine and  for betterment of others.Adam and Eve felt happy, bowed in front of the Angels and requested them to tell more about Goddess of Wish.

Angel said ,’Goddess of wish will fulfill everyone’s wish instantly and immediately,if the wish is free from greed and it is for the betterment of humanity and universe.This rule will remain forever today or when you’ll enter the era of Technology.

Adam and Eve asked how many wishes we can have in our life?Angel replied you can have unlimited wishes but only wish free from greed and for the betterment of humanity and universe will be fulfilled.

Adam and Eve have asked “How we can wish for and in how much time it’ll be completed?

Angels replied,”Imagine one thing which you want to have and pray to goddess of wish it’ll be completed immediately.Adam and Eve had wished that Let The Earth be full of  green vegetation and resources and after a while it was so.Wish fulfilled.

Have good wish free from greed and for the betterment of humanity and universe,it will be fulfilled immediately.

Have wish now and it will be fulfilled right now.

I wish, Let all your wishes be fulfilled.


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