Do you love thy she? Do you admire her ? Does she look beautiful to you ? Can you hug her?

Almost no one loves her but he who loves her,she takes her to the peak of success.People are of the opinion that their she is not wise,beautiful and perfect,hence they avoid her,they do not go along with her.

She always says listen to me,I am for you.She always says God has assigned you to me hence listen to me,like me.If you’ll listen me surely you’ll be benefited.But………… as usual no one cares.

She speaks,guides and tells the reason too to believe her but everyone suppress her.She cries silently,does not complain to anyone about being neglected,because she is in deep love with you.She wants to romance with you.

Whenever you give a little attention to her she starts dancing like a peacock,she starts loving,admiring and appreciating you.She starts giving you a feel of richness,happiness and care.She hugs you like a darling every time,every moment.

The moment you discard her by suppressing,she cries and sits aside.She remains with you every moment and keep on giving you her suggestions.

Without her our existence is not possible then too, every one of us avoid her.

It’s a secret which I want to share with you, right from now rather instantly and immediately hug,love and listen her.She is for you.Have romance with her right now by listening her.Do it continuously  for seven days surely you’ll be at the peak of success.

Let me tell you I’m in very very deep love with her and of course love her,hug her and have romance with her by “Listening Her.”

She is none other than your “INNER VOICE”.I’m talking about your inner voice.She is thy real she.She’ll never guide you wrong.

Love her,hug her,have romance with her and majorly”Listen Her.”

 ,If you like it.

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