What do you do to earn Good Times?

Time is the most powerful entity in this universe.Time gives us every thing of our desire but only If we respect it.

Everything can be achieved in this universe starting from tangible to intangible.To achieve everything of our desire is possible only when we do not stop,do not wait and adopt the principle of “Keep Going”IMG_20160831_130725

Utilization of time is directly proportional to achievements.We all know this,in spite of that our success rate is not same.Why  it is  so? Which force stops us not to utilize time.

You’ll be surprised to know this there are two hidden entities within us who are responsible for wastage of time.These two entities are our “HEART & BRAIN”.Yes! You’ve read it correctly these are “HEART & BRAIN”.

Heart is a speculator whereas brain is profit seeker.

Heart wants execution of every work should happen automatically.

Brain wants every execution should have profit component in it.

Brain wants us to execute whatever we want to but it should have profit component in it,whereas Heart wants things should happen without physical efforts.when coordination between heart and brain reduces the time wastage starts and this void causes lack of achievements.

How to turn every moment in a productive moment?IMG_20160831_125721

Good Times,everyone wants but situations and some time our heart and brain do not allow to earn it.Because heart wants comfort and Brain wants profit.

Every moment is precious irrespective of your mood,tell yourself that this moment will not come back,hence adorn it with dedication.

Whenever you want to turn moment in a productive moment show profit to your brain and comfort to your heart,by this you’ll be able to make every moment productive and good.

I’m sure after reading this you’ll always earn “GOOD TIMES.”

Have “GOOD TIMES” always.

 ,If you like it.

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