IMG_20160507_181108Heaven,everyone’s preference.Everyone likes to live  a beautiful,peaceful and wonderful life.Everyone wishes to live in the place where everything  of one’s choice is available easily and comfortably. Isn’t it?

But before going deep into the ocean of thoughts.I want to ask one question.May I ? Okay !

How many of us try to build heaven around us? Do you create your heaven? If doing so,it is wonderful.

If not,then………………..who is responsible for our style of life?Either we our self  or our way of attending the life.Life is coming to us everyday and every-moment,this is our responsibility to welcome life with wonderful excitements and creations.Those creations and excitements should be such that life and you should feel that heaven is around.

We are the creator of our life.But the point to ponder upon is what do we really create?Usually we create competition,stress or race.

I’ll share one secret with the world  and you today;that how to create heaven?

Heaven is everyone’s choice but how many times in our life we try to create it?Prior sharing with you how to create heaven,I’d like to share with you what is heaven?IMG_20160507_181108

“Heaven is a place where everything is beautiful,life is full of comforts,where every good imagination exists in reality,where efforts are less and results are perfect.Heaven is a place where every creation of universe is taken care with utmost respect and love.Heaven is a place where love exists in the form of care not in the form of lust. Heaven is a place where language of love and care exists.”-Rajesh Walecha

How to create your heaven ?

The very first and important step in creating your heaven is to love and take care of yourself and others too.Always believe in yourself and your imagination.Earn people not money because money is the byproduct of earning people.

Always express your gratitude for everything you do have in your life.If things are not happening in your life,do not bother yourself,just leave things they will happen automatically and perfectly.

Whack worries immediately because they are your fears.If things are not happening do not worry just leave them on their pace they will happen automatically.

IMG_20160506_225802Make love and care your language;once you will do this you’ll tune yourself with heaven and will become part of it and this way you’ll create your heaven.

 ,If you like it.

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