Do you know when you started journey of your life? Do you know when this journey will be over? Do you know when will you accomplish your goal?Do you know who you are ?

Our life is a mystery,we are here on this Earth for certain objective but the moment we land here we forget our purpose.The shimmer of this planet creates illusion and distracts us from our core objective.

We have been sent here to live with happiness and enjoy our journey of life.

In this universe everything is happening for some reason,nothing is without reason.Whatever you are thinking in your brain, it can exist in reality.

 Eminent scientists believe that there exist a hypothetical topological feature which is called a wormhole that fundamentally shortens the distance of two separate points in space-time.

Similarly I believe that there exists a wormhole in this universe which can reduce the time lag between imagination and reality.We can turn imagination into reality instantly,if we can control our conscience.Our conscience is a wormhole which has two separate points one is imagination and other is reality in life-time.

Conscience plays significant role in achieving everything of our desire,but with one very important condition;we have to master our conscience instead of being mastered by it.

To master our conscience is not a tough task,it is already happening in this universe even very small creature is doing it, like pupa  turns itself into beautiful butterfly.


Eminent people are working on how to master our conscience and trying to decode consciousness.

  • Have strong and positive thoughts about whatever you want to achieve.
  • Cling to your positive thoughts until you do not achieve your goal.
  • Listen to your inner-voice.
  • Dare to act.
  • Feel things in your hand when you think them.

Feel things in your hand when you think them.

 ,If you like it.

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