Think who forces you to be unhappy?,who forces you to fail?,who forces you to cry? and who forces you to be in stress?

I am sure you do not do and want it for you.Then who is there behind all these acts?Who causes unhappiness,failure,cry and stress? If we do not want them then too they are happening,it seems we are programmed species.Someone has programmed us for his happiness.That indicates someone is watching us and of course triggering us. Isn’t it surprising?

I know to the uninitiated,these thoughts are just about as bizarre a person could think of.Nevertheless they are true.Surprised,but it is a fact,we are controlled by someone else. Oh My God! who controls us? Our Emotions !

Our Emotions

Emotions play an imperative role in our body.They enable us to react to the situations.Emotions are responsible for our different reactions to different situations.From where these emotions come to us? In our brain there is limbic system which shows,recognizes and controls the body’s reaction to emotions. The neurons in our hippo campus play a role in emotions.

It means we are ruled by our emotions,we can not go beyond our emotions.It is not like that,we can control our emotions.

How we can control our emotions and feel the way we want to :

Be Busy: The first and important tool is to keep yourself busy in good work with good people.If you are alone,make your schedule in such a way which keeps you excited and happy well in advance.It may be like after finishing the work,you’ve plan to go to watch movie,to go on for long drive with your partner.

Be Conscious and Flip:Emotional swings may come at any time.Fear and worry are two major emotional swings,which can drag you back or even may make you passive or negative for whole of your life.Whenever these two emotional swings boomerang  on you simply flip your thought or work.

Exercise imagination daily : Exercise imagination daily for at least 10 to 15 minutes.During this exercise,imagine  good things like purchasing a new house,a new car,starting new project etc.In nutshell it should give you excitement.

Do Gardening : Give sometime to your garden,have new plants,take care of them every day.

Look Inward : Outside is an infinity.While watching outer infinity,the controlling and comprehending the emotions of an infinity is a tedious task.Freeze your fixed schedule for to look within and adore the infinity inside.Inward infinity means watching your maximum.It’ll give you confidence and strength.

Focus inside and drive outside. please,If you like it.

Thanks for tuning in.I’ll appreciate your comments.

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