Have you been appreciated by someone in your life? Have you appreciated anyone in your life?

Appreciation counts for everyone.Whenever someone is appreciated for the work he has executed,he feels at the top of the world.He starts counting himself in the list of successful people.In addition to this he exudes good emotions and feelings for the person who has appreciated him.

Everyone is striving hard to earn appreciation and everyone expects it.The whole world has desperation for it.Appreciation can make the relations stronger than expected.Wow! great ! secret revealed for how to have good relations?

Hmm ! wait,wait; no , there is one more giant within us,who stops us to appreciate others.The name of that giant is “Ego”.We are carrying this giant within us unnecessarily.This does not allow us to appreciate because while doing so the curves of his mustache  goes down.

Believe me guys life is in love and compassion,not in hate and comparison. God has blessed us with alphabets  to make good words and use them to shower our emotions and love on others and these alphabets are basic units for making words.We should use them to make good words.

What is an Ego? An ego is basically is a giant which stops us to say which our heart feels or wants to say.Ego kills relationships.Do not allow this giant to come in between your relations.

I’m revealing the word which acts as an adhesive and fills beautiful colors between the relations.That beautiful word is”APPRECIATION“.Appreciate everyone around you.Once you will do this,you’ll feel positive,happy and healthy.

You can do this to feel and live healthy,happy and wealthy life.

  • Appreciate at least 3 to 5 persons in a day.
  • Let your ego;go.
  • Use constructive words during communication.
  • Live with compassion.

Once you’ll do this you will feel happy and positive from inside.

I appreciate all you guys ,you all are excellent and wonderful human beings.

Thanks for making connection and reading.

I’ll appreciate your comments.

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