Do you remember your childhood? If yes,just close your eyes for a few moments and recall your childhood memories.Watch your childhood with your closed eyes,I am sure you are feeling,you were the most happiest,richest and relaxed human being.

Then all of a sudden what happens; as we grow up something starts entrapping us into the web of stress,apprehensions and repress etc.Have you ever pondered why it happens?

Why apprehensions grow with our age? Have you got the answer? No.not yet.Okay,Let me tell you.

List of our desires start growing with our age.To accomplish those desires most of people rather majority of people pretend and mold themselves as per the situations and desires.Some people even go beyond this and they start imitating others’ life style to give others the feel of liking in view of achieving their goal or fulfilling their desires.In other words we can say, they start using masks as per situations.This is the major reason why apprehensions,stress and repress entrap us in their web.

In our childhood we do not do so,we remain ‘true to’ type.We do not use mask rather we use our aggression to achieve everything.Whereas when we grow up we mold our self as society or tribe wants us.We do not govern our self by our preference rather we govern our-self by notion of society.

To come out of these apprehensions,we need to transform our-self completely.To transform our-self completely is a tough process but not impossible.

When we take birth at that point of time our mind is like a plain paper and society starts writing it’s perceptions and conventional laws of Do’s and Don’t on our brain.If we behave as per those conventional rules,Society validates us,if not,society rejects us.Hence to earn more validation we mold our self or mask our self as per society.Of course, we ought to be social and respect society.But to earn more validation we should not mask our self. We should earn validation with genuineness or with truthfulness.That genuineness and truthfulness will bring new you out of you.This way you will feel transformed.

Be yourself and be happy.

unmask the mask !

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