When you come to me I feel happy.You expect me to tell about you I feel very happy.But I become sad when you over-expect out of me,because I can not lie.

What is in your mind that is on my face.

I only can show what you have in your mind. I’ve been blessed exponential powers by my ancestors.Whatever mind you will bring to me I will increase that exponentially.If you’ll come to me with sad mind,I’ll show the same to you and it will keep on increasing exponentially until you do not execute next act.If you’ll come to me with happy mind,I’ll increase it exponentially till you do not execute next act.I am going to share one secret with you.In our world it is said that if one is happy then only he should come to us.If one is sad he should not come to us.That is the reason universe has given tears to human being,so that if human being is sad,he should cry instead of coming to us.Because our exponential powers can make him more sad.

My ancestors were so powerful,they were able to tell past and future that too with accuracy.Even today too; I  have these powers,but human being have forgotten to decode signals or some time human being do not take the signals given by me for his future seriously.Whenever any human being comes to me and look into me,I exude out some signals for his future but he does not take care of them and avoid them.

Image by Herbert Aust from Pixabay

There is one more thing I sometime can trap the human into me,it happens when someone come to me again and again.The time comes when my exponential powers increase so much so,they dominate the brain and creep and cover his neurons and do not allow him to think anything else except the face which I have shown to him.Hence it is said that visiting me frequently can make someone out of his mind.

I’m the best motivators in this universe,if someone come to me without any expectations,may be I can show him such a hidden and attractive feature of his which can motivate him for his life time thereby keeping him confident for ever.

My powers still exist, use them for your betterment and come to me when you are happy.Use me as your companion.Do not expect me to lie,because I can not lie.

Come with happy mind I’ll show you happy face and will increase it exponentially.I am none other than your dressing room Mirror.

Keep watching me only when you are happy and when you want advice.



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