The early man was living and wandering in woods for livelihood.Sometime he used to eat vegetation and hunt animals for flesh for some other time.This way the life was going on in the woods.This way all the living creatures were living their life.

While hunting food for survival,the human being would have felt a challenge of doing the things at the earliest and started exploring things which can help him to do his work at the earliest.This way he has discovered the first tool to execute his work at the earliest was “stone”which he had used sometime as hammer,knife and hand-axes etc.These tools were used 2 to 2.6 million years ago.

This way human being got use to make tools for his comfort during his tour on the Earth.With this the seed of technology was sown.Slowly slowly time kept on passing.A new invention in humans life changed his lifestyle 360 degree and that invention was of “Wheel”.It was invented in near about 3500 B.C.

This invention has turned us,tuned us and inclined us to speed.Here the real story started,we have started competing for to be the best among all.We have started competing in all the sectors to be the best among all like reaching the destination,achieving targets etc.

With the advent of wheel we have started making vehicles,machines to do the best and fast work.The human being was enjoying all this and then a new invention came into existence and that was “Telephone”, it has paced up our life and we started communicating across the distances,this way our life has got paced both physically and mentally.We were trying to balance our life with gadgets suddenly a revolution happened in the world of innovation, and computer came into human’s life and this was amazing and strange revolution before the invention of internet.After computers,in the year 1983 internet came into existence.

The invention of internet made us susceptible to machines and we started thinking differently and invented a very different but look alike machine in the year 1954 and that was digital and programmable Robot.

After this life has started taking new turns and now we are planning something very different and incredible and that is to put emotions into machines and machines are putting motion into us.

Here the story begins of future Earth.

In Future the successful person will be; who’ll be able to maintain the equilibrium between motion and emotion.In today’s world I’ve seen people are going deep into the ocean of stress this is because they want to or are competing motions with emotions.This is detrimental competition,because motion can be controlled but emotions can not.


If we become successful in putting emotions in machines,may be machines can hack our world.

“I am not saying we should stop doing impossible,we should do and think impossible but we should not do and think intolerable”.-Rajesh Walecha

Hence if you want to succeed think and do impossible things but not intolerable things.

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