©A different thought but its the truth.We keep our-self  busy in digging success with our hands.We become crazy,when we do not find it,we start changing our orbits like excited electrons.We become fussy about our surroundings and thereby limit our-self in choosing the world around us.

We are not giving anything to this world rather this world is giving everything to us.Are you surprised? Do not want to believe it.Okay!

When we came to this world we had nothing with us except our body and Life.This world has given us our name,We strive hard to earn that name.Don’t we?When we are not able to assign name to our-self,how can we think to have other resources on our own.It does not mean that we can not do it on our own,we can,but for doing every thing on our own we have to synchronize with the world.

Just  retrospect and find out a single name who has #triumphed this world all alone.I am sure,no one. #Synchronization is the key rule for embracing success.#Universe also teaches us the same lesson like one stone can not make mountain,one cloud can not shower heavy rains.One plant can not be called as crop.One tree can not make forest.

If your idea is not fetching success to you,understand there may be two reasons:

  1. Either you have not synchronized your idea with the world.
  2. Or you are not taking your idea seriously.

Hence,synchronize and succeed. please,If you like it.


I’ll appreciate your comments.

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