Zero ! Zero !! Zero !!! How many times you have heard this word ? Do you like this word ? Are you afraid of it ? If these are the notions you are carrying,then I’ll suggest you to make yourself free from these notions.These notions are merely mental blocks and they stop you from moving ahead.

Actually Zero is the one of the most important digit of this universe and the biggest secret too.Everything generates from zero and vanishes into zero.One day, I was just thinking about this digit and was analyzing about it’s existence that if people are so afraid of it then why this digit exists,what is the reason of it’s existence.All of a sudden what I have observed was surprising for me and I am sure it would be surprising for you as well.

That observation was this entire universe is working on Binary system of 0 and 1,this universe is a big zero and we are acting as 1.Everything in this universe indicates zero,may it be shape of planets,a wheel,our nostrils’ shape,our eyes’ shape,our skull’s shape and even the shape of our mouth which we brush and through which we eat.The shape of steering wheel of our car also resembles digit zero.

Most importantly the people those who meditate they also focus on a very micro or minute point which resembles zero,once they are able to focus their entire energy on it they may move into the other dimensions of life.

When #zero gets elongated  horizontally it becomes passage for transportation of any thing,When zero gets elongated vertically,it becomes pole and it helps us in many ways.

When it is dark,visibility is zero and when it is bright, visibility is zero but in both the cases our existence is never zero that means 1 exists as it in Binary system.

In Binary System ,counting follows the same procedure except that only the two symbols 0 and 1 are available.After a digit reaches 1 in binary,an increment resets it to 0 but also causes an increment of the next digit to the left.

Similarly in life when you attain nothing that means universe has reset you as a 0 to cause an increment to the next move of your life.

I am sure this statement will be forcing you to think about this beautiful digit,the right placement of this digit may cause wonders.

I’ll appreciate your comments

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