With the start of the day the game of life starts.One court of game is represented by us and the other court is represented by Life.Life knows our move,but we do not know the move of life.

Usually,what we plan and propose to life,life opposes and forces us to change the plan.It is not that life is meant to oppose  and force us to change our plan.For this opposition and force by life to change our plan;we are responsible because we lack the major attribute of validation in our personality.

May I ask you a question ? Do you #Validate ?

Let me substantiate ; Every person in this world has his own feelings,notion and perceptions towards life and work.Here to validate means to value one’s feeling,notion and perceptions whether those feelings,notions and perceptions make cogent meaning or not.

The process of #validation is a very powerful process and it acts like a manure for every relation weather professional or personal.Generally people either do not know about this or sometime ignore this process of validation unknowingly.Some people those who know about this process of validation do not use it because their ego does not permit them to do so.

Once you start using this process of validation;the game of life becomes very easy;people start admiring,following,liking and helping you and this way energy in your court in the game of life becomes bigger than the energy of life and success starts embracing you very easily.

How to validate?

  • Appreciate peoples’ feeling,notion and perception.
  • Give others a small pat on their shoulders to give them a feel of accomplishment.
  • Do not comprehend everything by logic;because which looks illogical to us it may be logical for others.
  • Every person feels he is right; and this feel is the mother of dispute every time . Hence acknowledge others’ feel of rightness to avoid dispute.
  • If you like ;Tweet This.
Hence from now onward validate others and success will validate you.
 I’ll appreciate your comments.

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