These two words have very important meaning in everybody’s life.These two words define the philosophy of life;the only thing is to interpret them.

Dusk is the darkest stage of twilight in the evening;whereas dawn is from an old English verb dagian means “to become day”.

Dusk and Dawn both indicate happiness and are the times which give maximum pleasure to entire universe;like all living creatures and vegetation are happy during these times.

When it is Dawn;the birds start chirping,cool breeze starts blowing which ultimately indicates vegetation is spreading its wings.Dew drops start shining.We the human beings start feeling very happy by all this.In nut shell this is life.

When it is Dusk;the birds starts coming back to their nests,Nature becomes cool and peaceful,Vegetation opens its arms to welcome all the creatures to their home.When it is Dusk,we the human beings feel very happy,as it indicates the time of rest,comfort and to have new dreams and reorganize.

It is believed that whatever wish you have,and prayer you do at the time of Dawn and Dusk is completed by universe.

Whenever you watch sunrise and sunset you connect yourself with the universe and ultimately to divine,which in turn bless you to fulfill your wish and dream.

Dawn and Dusk are the philosophy of life; we the human being have no contribution in the happening of Dawn and Dusk,we simply can see them,enjoy them,they happen automatically.Similarly our life is also an automatic process,it is not as tough as we have made it.

The time between the Dawn and Dusk is to enjoy the life up-to the maximum;do not waste your time by comparing your life with others.

“Dawn is to start and Dusk is to reorganize yourself for the new Dawn.”-RajeshWalecha

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