IMG_20160506_225802In scientific terms Imagination is the power to form images in the brain which cannot be perceived by senses such as sight, hearing or other senses. Imagination is that power of brain which creates images in brain with the help of the eye of brain. Brain eye is very powerful eye and it works during our sleep also.

Whereas imagination is the gift of universe to human being with the help of which one can see beyond. The power of imagination can be increased by reading stories full of fantasies; which boost the process of imagination. Imagination is not limited to the acquired knowledge; even an illiterate person can see images in his brain beyond his knowledge.

Consequently, it proves our brain is an ocean of knowledge; explore your brain and take out things of your choice in the form of image and convert them into reality.Imagination is the first step for converting the things into reality. Hence do not limit yourself up to your acquired knowledge; you are more than this.

Most of us keep on complaining in isolation, in our monologue; to Almighty God in this way; God you’ve given everything to my friend, colleague, pear or neighbor but not to me;  God! Why are you so partial with me? We keep on doing this type of conversation with God. Remember that; God hears every interaction but he does not answer every question we expect him to answer. God in turn answers I have given you brain, use it and achieve things of your choice. This indicates use your imagination power to achieve things of your desire.

There are certain techniques of how to practice Imagination; which may help you to have what you want in your life. It may be mental peace, good health, companion, and abundance of money, happiness and many more. Believe me you can achieve more than this. Yes!

Techniques for practicing and improving power of Imagination

You are the richest and happiest person of this universe.

  1. Interact with nature during morning and evening walk.
  2. Whatever good thought is coming to your mind write it in your personal diary.
  3. Think beyond.
  4.  Practice imagination exercise daily at fixed schedule.
  5. Wake up before dawn and look towards the pole star

Interact with nature during morning and evening walk: It may look bit bizarre thought to you, but believe me it works tremendously, whenever you go for morning walk or evening walk; look at nature and interact with nature silently by admiring the beauty of nature.

Whatever good thought is coming to your mind write it on your personal diary: Our brain is a thought machine, on an average 60 to 80 thousand thoughts come to an individual’s brain everyday. Whenever you notice good thought write it in your personal diary along with reference.

Think Beyond: Now you would be thinking what is thinking beyond, I have usually noticed people think within the limits of possibility only, they do not think impossible. Thinking impossible is thinking beyond. Do not get afraid from the phrase “What others/people will say?”

Practice imagination exercise daily at fixed schedule: Discipline is the key enabler for every thing to happen. Hence for practicing imagination, exercising discipline is the key. Freeze twenty minutes schedule for imagination exercise, morning and evening each. Close your eyes, sit on a mat in isolation in your house, where there is no disturbance, see the crest and trough of your thoughts within keeping your eyes close.

Wake up before dawn and look towards the pole star: This is a very unique exercise. Wake up before dawn and look towards the pole star for 5 to 10 minutes everyday.

Now imagine things of your choice and achieve things of your choice, everything is for you. Go and get it.

Thank you for making connection and reading.

I’ll appreciate your comments.

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