Tune yourself to the #consciousness of universe,once you will do this,I assure you there will be no problems in your life at all.Being an inspirational blogger;I am feeling happy while sharing this content with you.

Everything is happening in this world with the help of universal forces or consciousness like planets are floating in this universe,vegetation and crops are growing in this world,days and nights are happening,seasons are changing,Seeds are sprouting,brooks are flowing,flowers are blossoming  and physical changes are happening in all the living and non living creatures,these all are happening at the discretion of the universal forces or consciousness.Just take a pause for a while and think,what is your role in all these.

#Universal consciousness is a very big force which can not be measured.It is infinite and can be felt all around.Everything is happening in this universe effortlessly even our life is also happening effortlessly.Majority of us keep our self in digression and keep on reacting instead of acting.Universe is a living entity and it is managing all it’s acts effortlessly without letting us know.

How is this happening?

When we wake up in the morning and go for morning walk,tell me who is there to show you dew drops on plants,it’s universe.

Who asks birds to start chirping early in the morning,it’s #universe.

Who asks butterflies and honeybees to collect nectar and make honey for you,it’s universe.

Who asks a cool breeze to blow for you,it’s universe.

Who asks clouds to shower rain.It’s universe.

Whatever we need,want and have desire for;universe accomplishes them for us.Yes,believe me it is true.The only thing required is to tune our consciousness to the consciousness of universe.

If we can align our consciousness with universe perfectly,things will start happening effortlessly.

How to tune as well as align our consciousness with the universe perfectly?

  • The very first and important thing is to tune our biological clock with the clock of universe.

When I say tune our biological clock with the clock of universe,it means wake up when universe starts getting active with Sun early in the morning before dawn and take rest when universe starts getting active with Moon before midnight.

  • Tune your eyes with the universe

Universe in general perception is black in color or dark;some scientists are believing that universe has some colors. Though the universe appears like a huge expansion of darkness.Besides, this universe shows beautiful combination of various colors,which looks very beautiful and amazing.Here message from universe to us is “See beauty in every creation of mine.”Your eyes will be perfectly tuned with universe if you see beauty first in every creation of universe.

  • Tune your voice with the universe

In general universe has no voice but if you sit cool at some peaceful place,try to interact with universe;you will be able to listen the voice of universe.Most of the time universe works very silently,hence,you should also work silently more with your hands and brain.

It is secret “Whenever you want  anything from universe,ask it silently in your brain.”

  • Tune your Hands with the universe 

Universe works 24*7;we all are aware universe is working 24*7 since beginning,there is no doubt in it.Whenever we start any thing new, universe gives us message through our brain and sometime through our heart about the nature of the task, that whether it is good or bad.Hence,we should listen to it before execution of work.Now,you would be thinking what is there about tuning of hands with universe.Let me tell you,wherever we are sitting, we are in the hands of universe, which are in the form of the surface.Hence,before doing or starting anything,just listen to the voice of universe,because you are in the lap of universe and he is telling you everything silently.

  • Tune your legs with the universe    

Now this may sound to you bit different but this is a fact every person in itself is a copy of universe and hence,you too is one of them.Let me tell you guys,universe works in a rhythm.So many big planets,asteroids,meteoroids are floating in universe that is not possible without rhythm.Hence,work with the rhythm.

Universe always loves us and is ready to meet all our needs,wants and desires the only thing required is to tune our self with universe.

I;ll appreciate your comments.

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